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Cathy White

Cathy White

Founder CEW Communications


The Secrets of PR for SaaS Founders with Cathy White

In this Expert Fireside Chat, Cathy shares with StartupSauce some tips and tactics Saas founders can use to get more exposure in the press.

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  •   You’re a Founder, Co-Founder or CEO
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  •   You’re willing to share your knowledge and expertise to help other founders

You should NOT apply if…


  •   You’re an employee
  •   You’re a consultant, coach, agency, or other service provider
  •   You run a non-SaaS business
  •   You’re doing less than $5K MRR
  •   You’re a lurker and don’t plan to connect with other founders

Note: If you meet all the other criteria but aren’t quite at the $5K MRR level yet, join the waitlist and we’ll send you some guides and video content to help you get to $5K faster.
Also if you’ve done something awesome – like sold a previous business – apply anyway and tell us about it. We might bend the rules a little, you never know.

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